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Jeffrey L. BONEY

Son. Husband. Father. Community Advocate. Media Professional and Business Man.


I BELIEVE in "PUTTING MISSOURI CITY FIRST" with every council decision and I am respectfully asking for your VOTE! 



build safer communities


Strengthen the relationship between civil servants and the community by focusing on increased cooperation, collaboration and communication.


fuel business and economic growth


Develop & Implement innovative strategies that attract new business.



enhance community engagement


Support entrepreneurship and workforce development programs to educate, equip and empower Missouri city residents.



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-Successfully worked with developers resulting in increased retail businesses on the Texas Parkway/Cartwright corridor

-Proposed and successfully established ordinance to establish the first-ever Ethics Commission in Missouri City

-Proposed and successfully established ordinance to lower signature threshold to give residents ability to make decisions on changing offensive and degrading street names

-Voted for Fire Station 6 to provide faster response times for Fire and Paramedics in District B   

-Worked with potential regional, national and international developers to consider development opportunities in Missouri City

-Responsible for ensuring critical federal dollars went to residents in CDBG target areas to provide housing rehabilitation, youth scholarships, funds for first-time homebuyers, rental and utilities assistance to address COVID-19, set up a residential paint program, establish a neighborhood clean-up program, a Meals on Wheels for seniors, and much more

-Addressed numerous request in street repairs, removal of abandoned structures, non-compliant city signage and much more

-Hosted successful virtual “What’s the 411” Town Hall meeting

-Successfully testified in Austin on legislation that has been signed by the governor that deals with finally addressing the ever-increasing Group Home issue

-Voted to provide salary adjustments and additional funding for fire and police


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Family Video Call

This is George Ewing, President of the Woods of Quail Valley homeowners association.  I contacted Jeffrey about the issues we are  having with our retention pond adjacent to Mustang subdivision retention pond.  Jeffrey  put me in contact with Mr. Asashi Kumar, The Director of Public Works of Missouri City to get the issue resolved. It was done in a timely manner and I received several phone calls from Mr. Kumar about this issue. At this time the issue is still being discussed and worked on. As a homeowmer of Missouri City, I am most appreciative. Thank you Jeffrey for listening, hearing what I had to
say, getting involved and
putting me in contact with the right people who can help in this matter.  Thank you very much. 

Squat Workout

"To the City of Missouri City and City councilman Boney in particular, thank you for responding to our request by removing an old abandoned city owned structure that was located behind our property. That structure seemed to be a den for housing wildlife, which posed some danger to my children. I truly appreciate your responsiveness in that regard." - Jarrod and Juana Collins

Happy Children

District B Council Member, Jeffrey Boney has addressed multiple concerns that I brought to his attention in an efficient and thorough manner. One issue includes an occasion when I noticed multiple potholes in the parking lot near the former Cinema 8 movie theater and Wingstop. After notifying Mr. Boney that I was concerned of the damage that my automobile could have received after driving into an extremely deep pothole, he made the effort of notifying the responsible party and the potholes were patched.

Another instance is when I noticed "We Buy Houses" signs posted in my subdivision that solicited homeowners to sell their homes for cash. Not only are these signs an eyesore, but they are a code violation. I contacted Mr. Boney, he notifed Code Enforcement, and the signs were promptly removed.

It gives me confidence in knowing that I can express a neighborhood concern with my councilman and know that it will be addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

Cherie Jones


meet my family

We have an opportunity to build towards a brighter future,  better our communities and improve our overall quality of life. Let's do it together!

Jeffrey L. Boney


Missouri City Councilman, District B

PO Box 2239

Missouri City, Texas 77459

Tel: 832-868-5663

Fax: 281-783-2217

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